Monday, July 02, 2012

Bake/Garage Sale Fundraiser

I feel as though my nightmares shall be filled with pies, lemon loaves, and banana bread. And dishes. Over the past month I have been busy organizing garage sale items and all the glorious mess that comes with that! Feels so good to have less clutter in our home now. We were blessed to have the church family pitch in and donate time and talent towards our bake/garage sale, which ended up being more successful than we could have imagined in our wildest dreams! 

We opened the doors at 8:30 on Friday morning, and started carrying all the tables outside for our sale. Not too many minutes had passed before I realized that this sale was starting out with much more of a bang than I had anticipated. So, I went and recruited more help. By 11:30 I knew we would run out of baked goods long before the day was over, so I shifted gears and headed for an apron and a hot, hot kitchen. My two sisters and I baked extra cinnamon buns, lemon loaves, pies, cookies, banana bread, Texas sheet cake, and butterhorns, while Lyndon and my bro took care of the customers for the day. In another home, not too many miles from our house, a dear friend was also doing more spontaneous baking... she baked between 30 and 40 extra pans of cinnamon rolls! God bless your soul, my friend! Never have I been so weary, yet so deliriously happy at the same time! Our efforts paid off! At the end of day two of our sale, all that was left over was 24 cookies, 12 muffins, 1 loaf of banana bread, and 2 loaves of whole wheat bread. I have never before seen food disappear so fast, almost faster than I could pull it out of the oven!

Thanks to dear friends who were so very generous with helping out with baking and/or donating items to the garage sale, we raised $2,428 towards the adoption of our baby! We are deeply grateful and humbled at how God's hand of blessing was over us this past weekend!

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Jen said...

"Never have I been so weary, yet so deliriously happy at the same time!"
Oh, Lucy, just wait until you have your own precious child and you will be re-defining simultaneous weariness and happiness over and over again as "this" being the moment of "never before", and it is worth every bit of the weariness! I am ever amazed at how God gives us *just* what we need and then just keeps on pouring and pouring until we're up to our necks in blessings so that we cannot help but praise Him, which is the real reason why He blesses us (and why we exist, as well), isn't He amazing?!